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Capital Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, called the Rev. Charles W. Gardner to be its pastor in 1858. He had served as stated supply at First African in Philadelphia and resigned to go to Harrisburg where he found a group of black Presbyterians who had been members of the Market Square Church of Harrisburg. These Blacks wanted to withdraw from the white congregation to form their own church. An elder of Market Square, Mordecai McKinney, assisted these church fathers to organize the congregation. They petitioned to become the Second Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg. In 1865, the church received its charter. In 1866, a building was acquired on Elder Street and the name was changed to the Elder Street Church. Later the name of the street was changed to Capital Street and the church became the Capital Street Church. In 1880, the building was destroyed by fire and the church used temporary quarters at the Y.M.C.A., Pine Street Presbyterian Church and the Keystone Hotel.


After rebuilding and a second destruction by fire, and a second rebuilding, the land was acquired by the State. The church built on its current site and completed its present facility in 1952. Hiram Baker was the second pastor to serve the church. H. Garnet Lee was pastor for almost thirty years.


PERISCCOPE - Black Presbyterianism: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

175 Years of Ministry – 1807-1982 pg. 39

our pastor:

The Rev. Dr. Gene M. Gordon is an ordained Presbyterian(USA) Teaching Elder. He retired after more than 36 years as a university professor teaching Education, mathematics and computer science, prior to attending seminary. His passion for both education and theology includes providing counseling and skill sets that assist individuals in reaching their fullest potential as children of God. Gene has leveraged his passion to fully engage in public speaking, writing, and activism to ensure the acceptance of Jesus as Lord, as well as open debates on civil rights, and human flourishing for all people. Currently, Gene is enrolled in a Doctor of Ministry program to strengthen his service to the God of hope, Christ our Savior. He also eagerly awaits with excitement, the start of a brand-new call to serve the outstanding people of Capital Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg. To God be the Glory. 

Rev. Dr. Gene M GordoN
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